28 September. The new company promoting our robotics marks has been formally created:

WaterSportMarks Sagl

25-26-27 September. Garda. Acquafresca. Star class

19-20 September. Lugano. Tre Coppe

19-20 September. Como Lake. Colico

15-24 September.  Garda. Persico 69F

12-13 September. Como Lake. Colico

4-5-6 September. Como Lake. Colico. Europa class

5 September, Lugano Lake, Swimming social competition in Melide

23 August, Lugano lake. Social swim competition


21-23 August, Iseo lake. FIV feva

14-19 August, Gargnalo, Garda lake. 69F revolution cup 2

7-12 August, Gargnano, Garda lake. 69F revolution cup 1

1-2 August, Ascona, Maggiore lake. Optimist and Laser

25-26 July, Colico, Como lake. 470

23-26 July, Garda lake. Persico 69F event 1.2

16-19 July, Garda lake. Persico 69F event 1.1

5 beautiful foil monotype 69F in front of Gargnano training and racing.

5 Smarky / EzyMark set the special quadrilateral course.

20 June, Lugano lake

First big event with totally 6 EzyMarks involved for the different regatta classes. Here are some videos of the event: https://www.facebook.com/CVLLugano/videos/1118742355166891/https://www.facebook.com/CVLLugano/videos/3547352932024071/

17 June, Garda lake

Today EzyMark and SMark are on the Garda lake for showing their capabilities. Have a look at the videos: video1, video2

4 February, Petra storm

During the storm named Petra, EzyMark was out testing and enjoying the gusts up to 60 Km/h !! Have a look at the video.

27 December, freezing cold ...

EzyMark is in St. Moritz for a test on the lake before icing.

Minus 10 degrees Celsius and a very light breeze. Just some test and nice pictures before all the lake is covered with ice

10 December, wiiiiind and waves

20kn and 0.5m waves on the lake. pretty normal for Föhn condition in the Alps. All ok for EzyMark.

7 December, new windsock

Nice winter condition and new colorful windsock make EzyMark very visible. from up to 4 Km!

From now on the orange windsock is the default configuration.

 December, Natale, Lugano

A bit of rain in cold days? no trouble for EzyMark with its new huge dress: a 2m blimp.

31 October - 3 November, Halloween training, Torbole, Garda

For the preparation of the huge Halloween Optimist regatta, 2 EzyMark are in use to train our participants. Mix of wind, waves and rain.

5-6 October, Castagne, Lugano

2 days of regatta with a traditional field marked with 4 EzyMarks in addition to the committee boat. For the race officer was easy and fun to adapt the path to the changing wind conditions.

28 September, Solo, Porto Ronco

One Sailor, one boat. 27 sailors, 2 EzyMarks and wow: another "easy" regatta. On the Lago Maggiore the robotics buoys where extremely stable.

13-14 September, 3 coppe

wind, no wind? still a lot of fun. Saturday 2 Ezymarks defined the route in the Lugano gulf. Great wind conditions all the afternoon.1 patient EzyMark waited near the harbor all the night till the next day when the regatta arrived back from a social night stay in Porlezza. this time with low or no wind. After 24 hours the battery has still 44% of battery!

8 September 2019 SPORTISSIMA

A perfect Sunday with a lot of wind and a lot of interested guests. During the open event to promote sport and in particular sailing, our EzyMark was placed close to the harbor of Lugano to enable guests on several sailing boats to exercise maneuvers at the mark. The wind from the east (Porlezzina) was pretty strong, around 20 knots, and EzyMark managed to stay there very stable during the full day.

4 September

A social evening regatta with 2 robotics EzyMark buoys and 1 fix point. Even with the evening rapidly changing wind direction, 3 courses where dynamically adapted moving over Internet the 2 EzyMarks. At the end, while all crews where enjoying refreshing beers, the Marks returned to the harbor autonomously. 

31 August -1 September COPPA RODA

Weekend with very low wind requiring patience. The EzyMark buoy was placed at the arrival line. Of course no trouble for EzyMark to keep a very stable position with such a low wind. The battery after 2 days still had 60% of its energy.

 28 August

Maybe the last summer evening regatta? not so sure but surely with 3 EzyMark buoys to ease the course handling. The new bright yellow and vivid green flags where clearly visible from far away.


Evening regatta with official presentation to a Swiss Sailing judge. Still in a friendly regatta but with the supervision of an experienced regatta judge. All the features of EzyMark at display, first of all the easy handling of the event.


What are those Banana buoys?? Social regatta with 3 EzyMarks and the first usage of the new hulls,... shape and color of a banana ;-)


Internet control. First social regatta with the fresh web based control interface. Easy to move the Marks with a finger!


A lightweight mark with a colorful flag for yet another social regata. It is decided: EzyMark will use a long flag to make itself visible. Simple, light, easy to pack, no huge forces, visible!


Strong wind for a brave little EzyMark. 25 knots, waves and a A-cat enjoying the robotic mark.